Friday, February 5, 2010

Aurora UFO Conspiracy

While some may argue the Nessie’s existence has little credibility, the case is not the smoking gun in proving the existence of the weird. The most controversial of mythical occurrences are undoubtedly UFOs (unidentified flying objects). Now, there’s no way I can legitimately prove the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth, and trying to answer that question frankly don’t interest me, but there is one story that intrigues me. And it perhaps contains the biggest proof anyone could ever need, the body of a dead alien.

Aurora, Texas is a small rural town with a population of only 293. The event in question took place on April 17, 1897. That morning a cigar-shaped flying object supposedly struck the windmill belonging to a Judge J.S. Proctor. Two days later, an article appeared in the Dallas Morning News written by Aurora’s own S.E. Haydon. He wrote Judge Proctor said that when he went to examine the wreckage, the craft’s pilot was lying dead amongst the rubble. He described the pilot as “not of this world”. An army officer from nearby Fort Worth reported the creature to be a “Martian” as well. Apparently the alien was given a Christian burial in the local cemetery, which today contains a Texas Historical Commission marker describing the incident.

Did you know?- What makes this account so interesting is that people describe a flying objects seven years before the Wright brothers made history at Kitty Hawk.

Purportedly, the wreckage was dumped into a well located under the damaged windmill. When a man by the name of Mr. Brawley Oates purchased the judge’s property in 1945, he cleaned out the debris from the well in order to use the water. He was only later to develop a severe case of arthritis which Mr. Oates blamed on the contaminated well water. In 1957, he sealed up the well with a concrete slab and placed an outbuilding around it. Since then no one has been given authority to examine the well’s contents or exhume the alien’s body.

The supposed encounter has been a feature on a few UFO documentaries; even investigated by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The organization uncovered two new witnesses in a 1973 study who said they saw the crash. Mary Evans, who was 15 at the time, talked of how her parents went to the crash site while she was forced to stay home. They would later return with talk about the deceased pilot. Charlie Stephens, who was 10, said he saw the airship trailing smoke as it headed north toward Aurora. While he wanted to see what happened, his father made him finish his chores on their local farm.

MUFON also stumbled across a piece of metal which was later found to be comprised of 95% aluminum and 5% iron. It turns out that this combination of metals is very rare, especially a lack of zinc which usually accompanies iron. Further research found the metal to have been air-cooled on the ground. MUFON concluded that the “the sample could not be of terrestrial nature.”


I want to know…Do you believe aliens are already here on Earth? If so, what do you think their mission is? Leave a comment below.

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